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Commercial Electricity Plans — Product Types

GDF SUEZ Energy Resources offers a range of commercial electricity plans and information to ensure the right fit for your business needs.

Identifying the right commercial electricity plan for your business or institution can be complex. It depends on a variety of factors, like your specific operational and financial attributes and changing electricity market dynamics.

We can help you understand and analyze these factors to so you can choose a contract with the kind of features, risk exposure and contract structure that makes sense for your organization.

Here are the primary types of commercial electricity plans we offer:

Fixed Price Electricity Plans

Best suited to businesses seeking high budget certainty and low risk, fixed price plans lock in a price per kWh (or MWh) that will remain the same through the length of the contract.

Fixed with Full Requirements
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Fixed with Limited Pass-Through
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Flex Price Electricity Plans

These options combine elements of fixed and float plans to offer a base level of certainty while still allowing you to take advantage of some market opportunity.

Easy Flex
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Block & Index
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Heat Rate
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Float Price Electricity Plans

These electricity plans are tied directly to market movements and are best suited to experienced energy procurement professionals who seek significant price advantages through a deep understanding of commercial electricity markets.

Day-Ahead Index w/ All Pass-Through
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Real-Time Index w/ All Pass-Through
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Demystifying Complex Energy Decisions

Energy NavigatorIdentifying the right electricity plan for your business or organization hinges on understanding a variety of factors, including your risk tolerance, load profile and more.

Find out how our proprietary Energy Navigator decision process helps guide you through these factors and makes smart commercial energy decisions simpler than ever before.

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