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Sustainability Products

GDF SUEZ Energy Resources promotes sustainable operations by helping its customers optimize environmental and social responsibility performance—without neglecting the bottom line.

We offer a line of sustainability products that helps our customers make the most of the intersection between fiscal and environmental responsibility. Our sustainable solutions are based on an energy mix and related services that enable us to combine efficiency, competitiveness and reliability.

GDF SUEZ Energy Resources currently offers the following sustainability products in each of the 11 markets in which we operate:

Renewable Energy Credits

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) are tradable environmental commodities which represent proof that the electricity you purchase is generated from an eligible renewable energy source. 

Demand Response Consultation

Demand Response programs provide companies with cash payments for the ability to temporarily reduce their non-essential power usage, either in response to high wholesale prices or extreme stress on the grid.

Cost Performance Programs

Cost Performance programs offer ways to improve profitability through energy efficiency, including identification of rebate opportunities, analysis of the EPACT 2005 tax benefits and other incentives that may help offset the cost of energy efficiency projects.

Energy Audits

What you don’t know about your electricity consumption can cost you. An Energy Audit can demystify where your electricity goes, let you take control of consumption and help you get more for your money by identifying potential energy conservation measures that can often lead to substantial energy savings.

GDF SUEZ Energy Resources has teamed up with partners to provide a comprehensive and detailed snapshot of your facility’s energy consumption, as well as actionable suggestions on where you can trip your energy usage.


Worldwide, the GDF SUEZ group of companies is taking a leadership role in helping address climate change, preserve fossil fuels and natural resources and promote environmentally friendly energy.

Ranked in the Top 10 Most Accountable Global Corporations by Fortune magazine, GDF SUEZ is known around the world for its proactive approach in controlling the impact of its own activities and those of its customers on the environment.


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