Energy Audits For Cost Performance

By making a permanent reduction in your energy use through the adoption of more efficient technologies, you will also reduce your energy costs and carbon emissions.

An investment in energy conservation and efficiency helps reduce carbon emissions, benefits the environment and diminishes load demand, which improves overall grid stability. And it can also save you money.

Introducing the Cost Performance Review
Whether your business is in petroleum or potato chips, you could save big by qualifying for a variety of tax exemptions. Through GDF SUEZ Energy Resources’ partners, you can explore your savings possibilities with the Cost Performance Review.

This walk-through analysis of your facilities audits more than a dozen specific areas of spending. The result? Consistently identifying an average of thousands of dollars’ worth of cumulative savings. And all without up-front cost.

You may be able to save by updating: 

  • HVAC equipment and systems
  • Centralized energy management systems
  • Lighting and control systems
  • Air compression
  • Refrigeration and freezer systems
  • Central plants
  • Many other areas


Some simple changes may save you up to 10 percent of your total utility expense annually. But to know which ones will make the most impact, you need the Cost Performance Review. For more information or start the process by calling 877.321.4GDF to make an appointment today.


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