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Business Electricity Plans, Products, Services

Electricity is a commodity. But the clarity and confidence that comes with making the right choice of product (and provider) can be a major strategic advantage to your business.

GDF SUEZ Energy Resources makes it easy for you to better understand the risks involved with purchasing electricity in today's market—and choose the right business electricity plan for your company or institution. And because we're backed by one of the world's largest corporations, our customers get global-class stability, scale and service you just can't find anywhere else.

The economics of electricity purchase decisions can be complex. By taking the time to explore your organization's business drivers, as well as the 15 to 30 variables comprising your total electricity costs, GDF SUEZ Energy Resources helps you make the best choice possible. And we offer a range of solutions for specific contract needs, including:

  • Small business solutions
  • Mid-Large business solutions
  • Sustainability products
  • National accounts (large volume, multiple jurisdictions)

What are you paying for, exactly?
The first step to a great decision is to understand exactly what goes into the cost your business pays for electricity. Learn more about what makes up the cost of electricity, and how you can make the best choice possible.


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