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Energy Navigator Energy Navigator Tutorial
Our Energy Navigator decision process is designed to demystify energy decisions so
you can make well-informed energy choices
for your company.
Watch a tutorial on how our Energy Navigator application helps our customers make well-informed energy choices for their companies.
Transparency in the Buying Process Historical Data App
At GDF SUEZ Energy Resources we want to help you better understand the buying process so you can make more informed decisions.
The difference is clear.
Access trends in the electricity market so you can make the best decision possible. It's just one of our many tools to help you understand your purchase.


Buying Electricity

Understanding Electricity Cost Balancing Contract Risk and Reward
The first step to a great decision is to understand exactly what goes into the cost your business pays for electricity. Buyers must strike the right balance between clarity and cost to make the best choice possible for their business.



Apples-to-Apples What is Deregulation? WITF's "Caps-Off" Program
Electricity buyers must understand how to ensure they’re making apples-to-apples comparisons when shopping for energy. Get a better understanding of the risks and rewards associated with a competitive electricity marketplace. Better understand what rate cap expiration means to you and your business in the Pennsylvania region.


Energy Seminar Series Section


Keeping Pace with a Changing Market Energy Market Update Delivering on the Renewable Potential
Ann Berwick, Chairman, MA Department of Public Utilities Philip Giudice, Commissioner, MA Department of Energy Resources Andrew Weissman, Counsel, Carter Ledyard & Milburn LLP and Editor-in-Chief Energy Business Watch

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Opening Remarks Competitive Markets 3.0 Digging into Shale Exploration
Bob Wilson, President & CEO, GDF SUEZ Energy Resources Pat Wood, III, Principal, Wood3 Resources Ken Silverstein, Editor-in-Chief, EnergyBiz

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Opening Remarks Consumer Choice PECO 2011
Bob Wilson, President & CEO, GDF SUEZ Energy Resources James Cawley, Chairman, PA Public Utility Commission John McCawley, Director of Energy Acquisition, PECO Energy

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