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Massachusetts Electricity Provider - Deregulation

GDF SUEZ Energy Resources was licensed in Massachusetts by the Department of Telecommunications and Energy as a competitive electricity supplier in October of 2002. Currently, we provide electricity service to commercial and industrial customers in Massachusetts including businesses residing in the following service territories:

  • National Grid
  • Western Massachusetts Electric Company
  • Unitil (Fitchburg Gas and Electric Light Company)
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Deregulation in Massachusetts
As of March 1, 1998, the generation component of electric service was unbundled from the other components (transmission and distribution) thereby opening up the state to electric choice.

Customers in Massachusetts may now solicit competitive suppliers, such as GDF SUEZ Energy Resources, for market-priced generation service. The other components of electric service (transmission and distribution) have not been opened to competition and will continue to be provided by the traditional electric companies.

What happens when a Massachusetts buyer chooses a new commercial electricity supplier?

  • The new supplier notifies the old supplier and utility that you have changed suppliers.
  • The new supplier transmits utility account information to the utility in order to enroll you as a customer.
  • The utility confirms, by letter to you, of your new supplier selection and the date your new service begins.
  • The actual change of supplier occurs on the meter reading date following a successful enrollment.

For more on the history, structure and future of Massachusetts’ deregulated electricity market, visit the Massachusetts by the Department of Telecommunications and Energy.


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