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Pennsylvania Electricity Provider - Deregulation

GDF SUEZ Energy Resources was licensed in Pennsylvania by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission as a competitive electricity supplier commercial and industrial customers in September of 2002. Currently, we serve commercial and industrial customers in the following territories: Duquesne Light Company (DQE), PPL Electric Utilities (PPL), Philadelphia Electric Company (PECO), West Penn Power Company (WPP), Metropolitan Edison Company (MetEd) and Pennsylvania Electric Company (Penelec).

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Deregulation in Pennsylvania
In 1996, the state legislature passed, and Governor Ridge signed into law, the Electricity Generation Customer Choice and Competition Act, which gives Pennsylvanians this right to choose the company that generates their electricity.

What happens when you choose a new commercial electricity supplier:

  • The new supplier notifies the old supplier and utility that you have changed suppliers.
  • The new supplier transmits utility account information to the utility in order to enroll you as a customer.
  • The utility confirms, by letter to you, of your new supplier selection and the date your new service begins.
  • The actual change of supplier occurs on the meter reading date 

For more on the history, structure and future of Pennsylvania’s deregulated electricity market, visit the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission.

Because of the many recent changes in the Pennsylvania electricity market, GDF SUEZ Energy Resources has a special website just for its Pennsylvania customers. Visit www.rediscoverenergypa.com for more information. 


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