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Understanding Your Bill

At GDF SUEZ Energy Resources, we’re proud of our electricity products, and want you to understand exactly what you’re paying for. That’s why we’ve developed an easy-to-use bill that offers all the information you need to understand your exact rates, your past activity and the services we’ve provided. 

And because GDF SUEZ Energy Resources averages a 99.8 percent accuracy rating for its individual account bill, you can be sure that your bill is not only clear—but also correct. Because you’ve got enough to do without having to double-check someone else’s math. 

If you have any other questions, visit our FAQ section or call us at 888.232.6206. It’s transparency that you just won’t find anywhere else. A good electricity bill is simple to understand yet information-rich. We at GDF SUEZ Energy Resources have designed an easy-to-use bill that allows you to quickly assess the prior month's usage and cost, and gives you data that allows you to gauge and track usage from past months.


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