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Financial Stability

The financial stability of your electricity provider can directly affect your business and its budget. The GDF SUEZ name delivers a level of stability, credibility and confidence you cannot get anywhere else in the U.S. retail energy market.

What happens if worst comes to worst and the electricity provider you choose falls on hard times? In short, your business loses money. When you sign a contract with a provider that fails financially, your contract then defaults to a Provider of Last Resort (POLR). The POLR serves as a safety net; but the net can be an expensive one. But our customers can relax.

GDF SUEZ Energy Resources is one of America’s largest providers of electricity to businesses and institutions. It has over $4 billion in contract value, and an ‘A/A1’ credit rating with Standard & Poor’s and Moody's.

It’s also part of the GDF SUEZ group of companies, established in 1822. The group had 2013 revenues of €81.3 bn. Globally, the group of companies represents:

  • €4.2 bn revenue from North America
  • €3.8 bn revenue from South America
  • €65.8 bn revenue from Europe
  • €7.3 bn revenue from Asia, Middle East and Pacific
  • €.2 bn revenue from Africa

And that means the kind of proven financial strength and stability you can count on for reliable, confident service.


GDF SUEZ Energy Resources
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Exelon Corporation
FirstEnergy Solutions
FirstEnergy Corp
Direct Energy
Centrica PLC
NRG Energy Inc.
Noble Solutions
Noble Group LTD.
Hess Corp.
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Consolidated Edison, Inc.
Integrys Energy Services
Integrys Energy Group, Inc.
Top 10 Non-Residential Retailers based on Estimated Annualized Sales by KEMA (TWh), March 2013
*Parent company rated by Standard & Poor's and Moody's, Feb 2014. Credit ratings below BBB- are not investment grade.



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